Sponsor A Young Artist

 Join Dreaming Zebra® and drawchange in the fight against homelessness. Drawchange provides art therapy-based programming to children living in homeless shelters throughout Metro Atlanta. Their aim is to use art to teach children that they can become anything they want to become in life, and learn that they are not a victim of their circumstances. With the help of staff art therapists, drawchange ensures to use art as a therapeutic tool to break the cycle of poverty once and for all-starting with the children first.

  • 37 % of students in the Metro Atlanta school system are homeless
  • The average age of a homeless child in Atlanta is 9 years old
  • Your donation will help bring group art therapy to some of these children
  • Provide one evening of 1 on 1 art therapy care for one child.

We are grateful!

  • You will receive a personalized thank you created by a young artist
  • You are giving a child, who is living in a very confusing time, a moment for them to be themselves
  • You will know you are an active participant in alleviating homelessness.


Original art by drawchange children.

 Thank you for your generosity and care in sponsoring a young artist.  You're Awesome!


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