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From this page, you can fill a shopping cart of materials and receive a tax deduction for your entire donation. We will ship the supplies you order directly to Houston Independent School District. Just fill your shopping cart, you will be taken to PayPal for payment and we will take care of the rest. Thank you for your generosity!!


Colored Pencil Class Pack, Set of 240

Common price: $59.11 Our price: $45.43 each Brand: CrayolaCrayola

Bright, vibrant colors, with thick leads for easy, smooth laydown. Pre-sharpened. Sets of up to 50. Classpacks have 240 (20 each of 12 colors) or 462 in 14 colors. Packaged for easy use and storage.

Classpack of 240 — Contains 20 pre-sharpened pencils in each of 12 colors, a total of 240. Orange, Sky Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Red-Orange, Yellow-Green, Brown, Blue, Violet, Green, and White.

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