Spread happiness and cheer in real ways with BeHppy



Dreaming Zebra® is proud to partner with BeHppy, a social network and iPhone app that promotes happiness through anonymous sharing of your favorite photos and thoughts. When others “like” your photos, you are given Hppy Coins which you can donate to Dreaming Zebra® to support the arts for kids!


Here are reasons to get behind BeHppy:


BeHppy is an anonymous network that facilitates and promotes happiness. Dreaming Zebra® is thrilled to be the first charity benefiting from BeHppy’s mission.


Keep on smiling. Your happiness is contagious! Share your happy photos and thoughts, and the smiles and replies you receive from the community from your photos will convert into monetary donations towards a charitable donation. Donations are made without any money coming out of your own pocket!


Share your happiness, receive smiles, give smiles, donate to charity, repeat!
Download BeHppy today! Keep on smiling.



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Looking for a new way to support Dreaming Zebra®?

Sign up and create a profile with 1Q - a new mobile market research technology startup. 1Q pays $.50 for every question you answer on your mobile phone (via app or text message), and questions/surveys come from businesses across the country looking to better create and market their products and services. Get paid $.50 per answer instantly and directly into your secured PayPal account.The best part is, 1Q allows you to directly donate your payments to non-profits, and we're on the list! We would love your support to increase our donation dollars.


To learn more about this startup, you can sign up at 1q.com/dreamingzebra (or download the 1Q mobile app), and select "Dreaming Zebra®" as your charity on your profile.
Start donating to us today by answering just 1 question!
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