Dreaming Zebra® Partners With Fred Babb Art

We're honored to announce our new partnership with Fred Babb Arts, in support of arts education for underprivileged young artists worldwide.

For the first time in ten years, Fred's iconic Arts in Education design is available for purchase as an inspirational 11 x 14 print, mug, and t-shirt, with a portion of proceeds benefiting Dreaming Zebra® and art for kids.

Shop now for Fred Babb artwork and support creativity for kids!

fred babb arts in education print

fred babb arts in education tshirt

A letter from the Babb Family:

"It's been nearly a decade since Fred Babb's art has been available for sale, and many have wondered if it ever would be again. Fred passed away in 2006, but as his family, we have the privilege of having access to years of his creative work, some of which has never seen print before. Since his passing, we've received so many requests from so many people to bring his art back, that we realized his work and words are just as relevant and necessary today as when he began over thirty years ago.

"Therefore, after much planning and deliberation, we've decided we're ready to bring Fred's message back to the world. We've created a catalog of products featuring some of Fred's most popular designs, and we plan to expand this catalog in the future with new products and designs to keep your selections varied."


Thank you for your support! 

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