Instrument Repair Initiative gives instruments new life in the hands of young musicians

Clarinets, guitars, flutes, and other donated musical instruments sit in DZF’s storage space, while members of  the McNair Middle School Band (see above) and others like them wait for instruments to help them learn the joy of musical expression. What’s keeping these instruments out of the hands of the kids who need them? In many cases simple repairs, such as replacing pads, restringing, and refurbishing are all that’s needed to make used instruments playable. But repairs require cash donations, which is where Dreaming Zebra Foundation and its supporters come in. Our Instrument Repair Initiative, launched in early 2010, seeks cash donations to repair existing instruments and help us fulfill requests, as well as creating a fund to repair future donated instruments. Any amount you can give will help us realize our goal of finding homes for all of our donated instruments, while enabling music programs across the country to bring music to their communities.

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