"We made a lot of children happy thanks to Dreaming Zebra! They responded to our facebook post and donated this year’s entire art supply list for our local homeless shelter programs!

Thank you, Dreaming Zebra!" 

Jennie Lobato, Founder & CEO of drawchange.org - Atlanta, GA

"Dreaming Zebra team - thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity and knowledgeable choices will not only thrill teachers, they will expand minds and hearts of kids across Portland. Thank you!"

Alice Forbes, Executive Director - Schoolhouse Supplies, Portland Oregon

"I am absolutely in awe of your generosity and service for our program! I am smiling beyond words when I think of how all of these new supplies will benefit families  across the board!

Providing children and teens who are  grieving the loss of a loved  one with new art supplies reinforces the importance of their thoughts and feelings, and lets them know how important their own voices really are, in a very tangible way. Through art making they are able to discover their own heartfelt interpretations of hope, love, and resilience. Your wonderful donation is allowing us to provide healing experiences to all of the children we serve and we are so grateful for your support.

We now know what it's like to have a fairy godmother!"

Art Therapist Renee Pastolove, The Caring Circle Program - Tarrytown, NY



"Thank you so much for your generous gift. We really appreciate your help! This will make such a difference for our students, this year and in the years to come. They are eager to learn to draw realistically and very excited to learn to draw with One-point perspective. The tools you have purchased can be used year after year in this K-6 school."

Best wishes,
Art Teacher Linda Nowak, Jefferson Elementary School

"Students and teachers are thrilled about their upcoming Art Show at New Seasons! THANK YOU Dreaming Zebra for donating the art supplies to make this happen for our community!"

Art Teacher Beth Bundy, Portland Public Schools

"An incredible smorgasbord of art supplies were donated by The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, local Blick Art Materials stores, and a lot of very generous donors! We were blown away by the array of items, which included everything from oil pastels to acrylic paint, canvases to paint brushes, and so much more. The timing for this contribution couldn't be better. We've just added three new art support groups to our weekly Advocacy Center calendar and these supplies are the backbone for this therapeutic programming!"

The Raphael House of Portland

"The Dreaming Zebra Foundation has played an integral part in founding our first, second, and third annual Disability Art Show and Community Festival. By donating face paint for the children, chalk for our sidewalk gallery, as well as materials for our ever growing Community Mural we will be able to help children explore their creative side while spotlighting disabled artists who often go unrecognized."

Hawai'i Chair, AHA: Abled Hawaii Artists

 David Douglas Mentoring Program, Portland, OR

"I just wanted to write and thank you for all the hard work you put into getting us those beautiful supplies. The sketchbooks are amazing and the kids will appreciate them so much.  I can't tell you how much we appreciate the work you do."

Cory Goldberg, Mentoring Coordinator

"The Dreaming Zebra Foundation made many dreams possible at our Camp Imagination in Chicago this summer. Imagination Theater is a non for profit touring theatre company that uses interactive theater to address social issues and improve quality of life. Since most of our work happens during the school year, it’s difficult for us to make ends meet each summer.

Well, this summer we launched a new program to help fill in the gap, involving 13 children ages 6 to 15 (4 of them on fully paid scholarships) in a 6-week theater for music and fine arts. As the Fine Arts instructor, I was concerned because our supply budget was extremely meager – how were we ever going to pull this off? Through a stroke of luck, a friend told me about Dreaming Zebra Foundation and I contacted them immediately.

I’m happy to say Dawne came through with flying colors (and on very short notice, which was incredible)! We now have paper, paints, pastels, crayons, markers and pencils (to name a few) and are currently creating all kinds of art to be showcased on the final day of camp. It was extremely fulfilling to hear one of our teenage campers say during the very first art workshop “I love this kind of stuff!” Thanks, Zebra, for making some dreams come true–for this great group of creative kids and for our company."

Meredith Siemsen, Creative Director - Imagination Theater Inc., Chicago, IL

Ethos Music Center, Portland, OR

The Sanctuary Art Center, Seattle WA

"My sincerest thank you . . . Our group of dedicated painters were like kids in a candy shop, pulling out tubes of paint, putting them on the palette and then on the canvas. One youth already sold a painting that used some of the paints from this donation. We are grateful for your organization and this new relationship."

Troy Carter, Executive Director

Impact NW - Richmond Place, Portland OR

Greetings Dreaming Zebra,

Thank you so much for your more than generous donation that you made to the children of Richmond Place on June 17th, 2009.  The art supplies that you were able to provide us are amazing and will allow us to begin our arts and crafts classes fully equipped!  We will be starting classes here at Richmond Place, our transitional housing center, to allow children that have just returned to their parents from foster care to express themselves through art and allow them the means to explore their creativity.  Without your kind donation this would not be possible.

I was also amazed with how quickly you were able to get the supplies ready and even delivered!  The quality of the supplies, the generosity of your staff and the efficiency in which your organization operated all amazed me.  I look forward to working with Dreaming Zebra again in the future!

Thank you,
Mary Mulkey
Impact NW Richmond Place

Renfro Elementary, Collinsville IL


Tatiana Tatton, Scholarship Student, age 14, Pahoa, HI

"Aloha Dreaming Zebra and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the amazing art supplies, Tati LOVES them! Here are some pictures of her opening the box. Again I can't thank you enough for being such a help and inspiration to young artists; you make it possible for young artists like Tati to make their dreams a reality."

With much love,
Rose Barber,  Instructor, Muse Art Studio

Harvey Scott Elementary School, Portland, OR

Dear Dreaming Zebra Foundation,

Thank you for the great art materials that your organization has provided for us!  The eighth graders have nearly finished their Dia de Los Muertos alters and K-5 have enjoyed making calavera masks decorated with the colorful assortments of ribbons.  Graves 4, 5, 7, and 8 have also made colorful banners of papel picado.  Whenever I mention "Art Activity" the kids immediately light up.  Thank you for helping to make this possible.

Muchas Gracias!
Teacher Caitlin Matthews

Rise Above Arts Program, Hillsboro, OR

Dreaming Zebra has been a huge support in helping us to keep the Rise Above Arts Program going.  The Rise Above art and writing program serves youth at A Safe Place for Youth, a shelter provided by Boys and Girls Aid Society. The materials that Dreaming Zebra supplied have given the teens further opportunities to express themselves which has been vital to their self esteem. An added component to Dreaming Zebra's help was the opportunity to exhibit the teens’ work at Re-vision Gallery at SCRAP.  Thank you so much!

Founder, Alice Hill

Prairie High School, Vancouver, WA

Dear Dreaming Zebra,

Thank you very much! The kiln you donated  is going to be a huge asset to our program at Prairie High School.  Our plans to begin a course offering, with glass as a major media, is about to become a reality for next school year.  I have so many students interested in the class already.  The students have noticed our new kiln addition and that has opened up conversations about the class that is 'glass art' based.  We are intending to use the kiln  primarily for glass fusing and annealing of small glass sculptures.  I have plans to include in the 'glass art' class: glass etching, fusing, stained glass, mosaic creation, glass bead and small glass sculpture formation.  My ideas just keep flowing...I am so excited.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.

Art Teacher Kristie Vinyard,  Fine Art Dept.

Clark County Parks and Recreation, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Dreaming Zebra,

We just wanted to send a GREAT THANK YOU!!!  For sending us the fabulous art/general supplies.  They truly made our camps a success this year.  We are halfway through all of our camps and already these supplies have been an important part of our daily activities.  Without these items the youth would not have been able to create their “clown personas” and bring them to life.  During the Arts camp, the products sent were used to help create and draw out their clown faces, build their clown costumes and create a stage for their performance, make scrap books and original artworks.

Starting in August we have our Camp Bristlecone, which focuses on developmental disabilities, these products will help them to create bird feeders, planting pots, bandanas and many more projects that will help to bring out their artistic side. Dreaming Zebra, along with their partners, have been a great support and truly have made our Camps a success.Thank you for all your time, support and care. 

Missy Klippert, Clark County Parks and Recreation-Camps

Dominion Middle School, Columbus, OH

We received your package on Friday - everything was wonderful! We will use all of these materials during our "Make Your Own WHO Costume" day. Should be tons of fun! Can't  wait get started!

Thank you for helping us out. It really brightens my day to have to worry about how I'm going to get certain things and improves the theatrical experience for my students. Thank you!

Emily Foster, Drama Program Director

At Home at School, Vancouver, WA

Thank you for making it possible for AHAS student artists to show their learning, their emotions, and their lives through works of art! The supplies Dreaming Zebra donated to AHAS helped to make our last year a great success for kids of all ages as you will see in the photographs attached. AHAS and the supplies you provided have impacted 500 students from summer 2009 to the present, with 300 of those children being in elementary school. We look forward to our continued partnership in bringing opportunities for education through art to children facing systemic roadblocks.  Thank you!

Erica Nicewonger
Program Coordinator
At Home At School (AHAS)

Bernard J. Sullivan, Pensacola, FL

"The Dreaming Zebra Foundation has just touched the lives of my two granddaughters who live in the very small, dusty town of Bertam in western Texas, one in grade school and the other in middle school. Both are interested in art; both are in schools with limited resources for teaching art.  Working from wish lists submitted by their schools, the Foundation has recently provided both schools with a very substantial increase in their art supplies, benefitting not only my granddaughters, but the entire students bodies.

I know from personal experience that an early exposure to manual arts greatly benefits learning across the whole spectrum of education, if by no other means than by stimulating imagination and helping form the links between the mental and manual aspects of learning.  I was fortunate to have such an early exposure and I have benefitted from it my entire life.  Being the link between my granddaughters’ schools and the Foundation has been the highest privilege I had in 2008, and the Foundation has my most sincere  gratitude.

Campbell Elementary School

Dear Dreaming Zebra:

I want to thank you for the art supplies that you so kindly donated to our school for the school year.  Here are a few photos of student work created last year.  Enjoy!

Kelly Reese, Visual Arts Specialist  - Fairburn, GA

More updates are coming soon. Thanks for supporting art for kids!


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