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Our program serves to connect members of the community with disadvantaged youth in need of art and music resources.

How It Works

Our foundation is unique in that we provide an art recycling program that is free to the public. Reusable art & music supplies that would otherwise be discarded, along with new or unsold materials, are donated by individuals and businesses and matched to recipients who have requested those materials for arts education purposes in the community.

Our recipients frequently include schools and community centers, at risk and homeless youth, mentoring groups, art therapy and special education programs, and other nonprofit organizations in need, with an emphasis on diverse populations of vulnerable youth in underserved communities.

Simply contact us to make a donation, or commit to establishing a creative recycling bin within your home or office, and encourage others to do the same!  A grateful Dreaming Zebra® volunteer will stop by to pick up your materials, or if you prefer, we'll direct you to a convenient drop off location in your area.

Simple Materials Can Inspire Kids

Old calendars with pictures, paper plates, buttons, yarn, thread, fabrics, popsicle sticks, pencils, and beads, are just a few of the simple items that we can use to help kids to explore their creativity!  Your imagination and your donations help us to provide access to arts education for inspired young artists who deserve the opportunity to pursue their talents, inspirations, and dreams.

To Donate Art or Music Supplies Call 503.206.6400

Please note that Dreaming Zebra is currently closed to the public, until further notice. This means that we are not accepting donations of funds or art and music supplies.

Thank you for your support!

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