Our Most Needed Art Supplies









  • Watercolor Sets & Paper
  • Acrylic & Tempera Paints
  • Paintbrushes - all types, all ages
  • Drawing & Construction Paper - all sizes
  • Oil Pastels
  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers - Washable & Permanent
  • Canvases (11" x 14" or smaller are ideal, but other sizes are great too)
  • Modeling Clay - especially white. self-drying
  • Sketchbooks & Journals

In today's educational environment, thousands of underprivileged children are tragically going without access to basic art & music education, and/or art therapy, even once per week. Dedicated teachers, therapists, and community organizations worldwide face significant constraints due to lack of funding for basic art & music materials. Dreaming Zebra's mission is to deliver supplies to young artists in need, with an emphasis on serving diverse populations of vulnerable youth in underserved communities.  All children deserve to pursue their creative dreams. Out of thousands of requests from our waiting list, these are the supplies that young artists need the most. Please consider donating today.

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Simple Materials Can Inspire Kids

Only New Art Supplies for Now, Please

For those who desire to donate art supplies that have been used or their packaging opened, we sincerely appreciate your offers, but we are currently unable to accept them due to Covid-19 health safety precautions enacted by many organizations and schools across the nation. We also wish to be considerate of the safety of our volunteers, and of those who handle, distribute, and receive donations. We will continue to welcome donations of new supplies. Thanks for understanding!

Musical Instruments & Restorative Repairs

We welcome donations of musical instruments and accessories, including band instruments, keyboards, drum sets, and guitars, etc. for underprivileged young musicians. Dreaming Zebra also accepts instruments in need of gentle repairs, and partners with community sponsors and volunteers to bring them "back to life" in the hands of local students. 

Financial Donations

Please note that Dreaming Zebra is currently closed to the public, until further notice. This means that we are not accepting donations of funds or art and music supplies.

Thank you for your generous support!


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