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Every child's painting begins with just one brushstroke. Please consider joining our key group of art-loving supporters who donate $20 or more each month. With so many children in the world going without access to art and basic supplies, we are in need of your monthly support to reach as many young artists as possible, and to give them a vibrant palette for self-expression. $20 per month! Please join us by adding your brushstroke of color to our giving palette, and supporting our mission of helping young artists to follow their dreams.




How does $20 a month help? (some examples)

  • Craft projects for an entire classroom (30 children)
  • Large drawing paper, or posterboard, for 100 children
  • Modeling clay for a small classroom (10-15 children)
  • Watercolor painting sets for a small classroom (10-15 children)
  • Support for Dreaming Zebra's mission - we are staffed by volunteers and need your contributions to expand our global reach.

Help us to create a brighter future for thousands of young artists by participating today. After joining, you'll receive monthly updates about the children who are supported by your kindness, along with an original piece of art from a child, with personal thanks for your generosity.

Why is monthly giving the best option?

Monthly giving allows us to have a dependable base of support and save time, banking fees and paper by not needing to send costly mail.  It allows you to make a small monthly contribution and play a powerful role in supporting Dreaming Zebra® and the children we serve.

Please note that Dreaming Zebra is currently closed to the public, until further notice. This means that we are not accepting donations of funds or art and music supplies.

Give children the opportunity to create beauty in their lives!


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